Misti is an amazing healer. I was in heaven lying on her table whilst she performed her magic! Combining crystals, essential oils, Reiki, shamanic practices and more, I experienced a profound shift in my energy and left feeling peaceful and relaxed.


Marla Martenson - Author/Relationship Coach

Thank you Misti Cooper!   I'm still smiling when I think of dinner and the coolest chick in the room was wearing her bathing suit with blue Nike tennis shoes, a robe and her Seahawks hat with a pom pom on top!! I want to be like you when I grow up...with much love. 

You have no idea how you opened my heart and my mind Misti Cooper!

I canceled what I knew was right and now I have 12 days to figure out where to go from here...knowing what I learned from you and Rebecca Dru I haven't a care in the world💕💕💕💕💕   S. Morris

My Spiritual Make-over with Misti and Rebecca was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  As we started our adventure I could feel the energy surrounding me like a warm cocoon.  The energies were supportive, loving and uplifting.  I felt as if I was on a sacred journey, to discover myself and my true inner beauty. The energies got stronger as the day progressed.

I felt as if I had been given the secrets to the universe, bathed in unconditional love, and as if I was sitting on top of the world and could do anything!  It was that powerful!

By the time we started the photo shoot, I was already transformed, and it was captured by Rebecca in her photos.

I never wanted the day to end.

Both women are amazing in their own practices as an Energetic healer and a soul photographer. Mix them together and feel the magic start to build.  There is something that happens where their energies come together to create something even bigger and more expansive.

Misti & Rebecca, I thank you both for a fun filled day of transformation. I say RUN, don’t walk.  I highly recommend both of them and this experience.

Lee Lewalski - Love Coach

After 25 years of therapy, I was unable to integrate my clinically diagnosed multiple personas into one; they were compartmentalized. In one session with Misti Cooper, she miraculously integrated 20 of my 23 personas into one. It has given me a new found freedom I never thought I would have.

                                       R. Epstein

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In my one and only meeting with Misti, she provided me with clarity I needed to move forward with my life. She gave me insight into the root cause of my misfortune. Misti helped me realize the affects of my thinking and to understand I was creating my own story and I was responsible for changing my story to heal my life to be healthy and happy.

 I was in three car accidents that left me a broken man with a broken back. Misti was able to provide a deep tissue massage right at my surgical sight, an area that had previously been too sensitive to manipulate. Misti could see me from the inside and knew right where to focus her energy.  I am finally getting to know better the person that I see in the mirror every day, learning to listen to the soul that is “me” raising my sense of purpose and direction, guiding me to the next actions I need to take.

                                                 Daniel Trollinger

Misti Cooper is a phenomenal & powerful healer. I would highly recommend booking a healing session with her.

I am in gratitude for such an incredible healing from Misti.  I would like to share my magical experience.  Misti incorporated several modalities in this healing. She started with Reiki and Qi-Gong, as well as crystals. This was my first time experiencing Qi-Gong and I felt Misti send these incredible rainbow beams of light from the bottom of my feet, through out my body. I felt incredible after the healing session but what was most incredible was how I was relieved of all pain from my feet legs and through out my body for several days. My part-time job consists of a lot of bending & heavy lifting and instead of having to deal with the pain, I was completely rejuvenated. 


Emanuel Snyder