Misti Cooper

Misti Cooper is known by some as a member of the board of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and of the city’s Transportation Commission and by others as a former co-owner of the Yogurt Stop. But there’s also Misti Cooper the spiritual alchemist, a certified Holy Fire Reiki master, a keeper of a Mayan-activated crystal skull, a Shambhala energetic healer, a Qi-Gong Rainbow Light practitioner and a Lemurian Star Seed crystal healer.

So perhaps it’s no surprise her bedtime reading focuses on mysticism and higher consciousness.

Cooper’s favorite book is “The Course in Miracles” by Helen Schucman, which some describe as the “New Age Bible.” “The text defines love, real love, in a way that is pure and divine,” Cooper said. “It uncovers the blocks to love’s presence and your ability to receive it … The universe is encoded with love and was created by love.”

In the past three months Cooper has worked her way through three books. “The Eye of The Goddess -13th Crystal Skull on Assignment in England” is by Susan Isabelle, who lives on Mt. Shasta and is keeper of the 13th Mayan skull. According to Mayan legend, there are 13 ancient crystal skulls that will eventually be reunited in a way that will affect humanity and the earth. “I have been activated by Susan to do Shambhala energetic work, and I execute healing with my own crystal skull around the world with soul photographer Rebecca Dru,” Cooper said.

Then there’s The Alchemy of Sexual Energy” by Mantak Chia and “Telos, Vol. 2 -Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation” by Aurelia Louise Jones. Cooper describes “Alchemy” as technical and a tough read while “Telos” is “super easy.”

Cooper’s describes the bed where she reads, a Vera Wang mattress and box spring set, as “luxurious and fit for a queen. “I have gorgeous gold and white pillows, sparkling with Swarovski jewels. Once I get on it or in it I have a hard time leaving her,” she said. “Another place I prefer to read is the beach with its tranquil energy. She captures my imagination and centers my focus as much as my bed does.”

“I have gorgeous gold and white pillows, sparkling with Swarovski jewels. Once I get on it or in it, I have a hard time leaving her.”

Featuring Spiritual Alchemist Misti Cooper and Soul Photographer Rebecca Dru on UBN Radio at Sunset-Gower Studios in Hollywood (July 21, 2015

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