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My business partner Rebecca Dru and I travel the world healing the planet, transforming lives and activating souls with a Seed Crystal Skull named "SKULLY". She has been activated by several of the 13 Ancient Original Skulls. These skulls are ancient computers that hold information about past life history of this planet and the evolution of Human kind and shows us the blueprint for our place within the Universe. When the Earth is in crisis and humanity needs critical guidance these Skulls would be brought together to reveal their sacred knowledge which is vital to the survival of the human race. "Skully" is a doorway into other dimensions and assists us in healing people and the planet with divine energy of sacred love. 

Wilhelm Reich: "Na'scent Sexuality is the primary force of life."

Albert Einstein: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Reiki, Tibetan Holy Fire Reiki is an evidence based practice of energy healing to relieve symptoms of: PTSD, chronic pain, stress, fatigue, sexual functioning, insomnia, digestive issues, flashbacks, loss of connection to self and others, spiritual connection, fragmentation and multi personality disorder. 

This ancient energetic practice serves in long distance healing around the world. 

Reiki is used in over 800 US hospitals

Inner Insight

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A Course In Miracles:"Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind. They transcend the body and that is why they heal."

"Miracles are being of service. They make all minds one with Creation. They depend on the corporation of minds joined."

Misti Cooper, Spiritual Alchemist Energetic Healer, Spiritual Consultant, Radio Host, Author and Inspirational Speaker.

Misti Cooper is a gifted and passionate force for healing. She is educated in six different energetic modalities and travels the world with an Activated Seed Crystal Skull, "Skully" they travel the world with Rebecca Dru healing people, healing the planet by transforming lives and activating souls.

Misti is an adventurous soul who is notorious when it comes to following the beat of her own heart. Its natural for her to challenge the belief system of the world and the community around her. 

Misti’s life began on earth with a near death experience at nine months old. Her first memory of being visited by spirit was at age three. She experienced transference of light so powerful it activated her energetic ability. Being touched by spirit helped her deal with the events of trauma she suffered throughout childhood and prepared her to be the powerful healer she is today. Misti has experienced several unique mystical events from 3rd eye Visions, to being taken out of body that was void of touch. She became one with all of life and was delivered into Spiritual Ecstasy.

Her passion is to strive for Spiritual Ecstasy everyday. It is no surprise her Healing work is centered in the intense and intimate Divine Feminine Energy of Creation. Graced wiith several mystical experiences from an early age Misti has been delivered into Spiritual Ecstasy.
Her specialty is to expand hearts to heal the wounds of past, present and future lives and believes healing can be a fun adventure.

Misti is a firm believer in Quantum Physics and Bioenergetics. Following the works of Albert Einstein, Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone Theory that states Na'scent Sexual Energy is the primary energetic force of life.  Orgone is an energetic medicine to the cellular level. She believes surpressed emotions create disease and making contact with a persons energy field creates lumination and regeneration of cells and changes negative energetic patterns.

Misti is the emotional bridge between medicine and the immune system. 
Misti has worked with Clients suffering from PTSD~Multi Personality Disorder~Flashbacks~Lymphoma, Ovarian Cancer~Digestive issues~ Drug Addiction~ Stress~ Life Purpose ~Money issues ~Relationships & Love. 

Misti extends her soul service in the world as a Transportation Commissioner for the City of West Hollywood. 

Misti has returned to radio-TV as co-host on the show “Spiritual Ecstasy” with her business partner Rebecca Dru and featured on Universal Broadcasting Network at Sunset Gower Studios. Misti Cooper and Rebecca Dru formed the company “Spiritual Ecstasy Enterprise” producing a collection of spiritual multimedia products, lectures, books and concert series. 

Misti can help facilitate a shift within you. Check out her customer raves page to find out what clients are declaring her healing ability did for them. 
Misti Cooper's first book “MistiCal” is being completed and available in 2017. She has been one of the few Spiritualists accepted into the American, Canadian and UK Association of Healers and Psychics.

Mistical Qi-Gong, is a lifestyle of self mastery. In the West it is a self initiate path of Spiritual growth, emotional happiness and wellbeing. In the East this Chinese form of energetic medicine supports the care of existing physicians in China.

Medical qigong therapy can be used to teach people with cancer to reduce or eliminate side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. It can help cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease and post-stroke syndrome. Chronic pain, chronic disorders of the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

I direct my qi to purge and release toxic emotions from within the body’s tissue. 

Mistical Qi-Gong strongly enhances the immune system, delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissue, increases cellular metabolism by altering neurochemistry.