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Energetic Expertise

One on One Spiritual Makeover
Spiritual Alchemist Misti Cooper & 
Soul Photographer™ Rebecca Dru

We offer a private one day transformation. We take you on an inner journey of self discovery with a day of pampering. You have the option to receive a personal stylist to make you over. A lunch in Malibu follows and then a photo session to Capture Your Soul. All this is done with "Skully" while in the midst of a Shamanic container of Divine Feminine Energy to lift, lighten and transform you. Misti and Rebecca are a force to be experienced. Time and time again they have been told how just meeting them has activated a dramatic change in people's lives.

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As a Spiritual Alchemist Misti's specialty is to transform lives and activate souls. Misti has been practicing energetic healing for over twenty years. She is a certified Shambhala Energetic Healer, Mistical Qi-Gong practitioner, Tibetan Holy Fire Reiki Master. Trained in Earth Healing, Crystal Alchemy of Stones and is a Keeper of a Mayan Activated Fluorite Crystal Skull “Skully”, who travels the world with her and Soul Photographer Rebecca Dru. Together they heal humanity transforming lives and activating souls.  

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90 minute hands-on SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY session ~ 

Home Cleansing

Spiritual Counseling with Rebecca Dru

Long Distance Healing

A 24 hour Cancellation Policy is implemented. You will be fully charged for a no show.

SPIRITUAL ECSTASY Enterprise presents:Misti Cooper & Rebecca Dru Live

on Universal Broadcasting Network @

Sunset Gower Studios - hosting an hour of "Spiritual Ecstasy"


Be the master of your own health. I'll break it down and teach you simplified daily tools that offer you spiritual growth, emotional happiness and a form of peaceful empowerment.

The cultivation of this Mistical Qi Gong practice strengthens the immune system, delivers oxygen and nutrition to your tissue and increases cellular metabolism by altering neurochemistry.

Class time: 11am-3pm

Cost: $244.00 

​Date: Saturday, July 22nd

​Location: TBD

Sign Up Now: Activate@spiritualxtc.com